Engage the Hearts and Minds of your Talent

Your employees want more than a paycheck. They want engagement. They want authenticity. They want to connect. And they want to do good.

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I believe Cauze is going to change the way we reward and inspire employees, in particular our millennial generation who now make up 50% of our workforce. I love what you are doing.

— Heidi Taglio, HR at Eleven Inc, San Francisco Ad Agency

The Cauze Personal Giving Account

One-touch Giving

Give to any charity, at any moment, in any amount, with the touch of a button.

Employer Matching

Watch your giving and good multiply through your corporate matching program.

Every U.S. Charity

Every 501(c)3 charity registered in the United States is on our platform. That's 1M+ charities.

Follow and Share

Your donation creates a Cauze post, which can be shared with and joined by your friend.

One Receipt

Give as little as $1—every donation is recorded as one receipt for tax purposes.

Express Yourself

Your friends can see your profile and the good you are doing. You can track your influence.

Workplace Giving Program

The first turn key workplace giving program for small and mid market companies.
Your employees will love you for it.

Give Gifts

You gift to employee Cauze accounts, they give to charities of their choice.
Example: $150 per year.

Match Grants

Employees give to over 1M charities, and are automatically matched.
Example: Dollar for dollar match up to $250/year

Reward Volunteering

As employees volunteer, they are matched.
Example: $50 per 5 hours volunteered up to $200/year

Simple Setup

Setup an entire workplace giving program
in a couple of hours. 

Add Employees

Provide Cauze a spreadsheet of your employees. We send personalized invitations to download the app.

Fund Accounts

Fund employee accounts through a seed or gift. Your funds are immediately available to grant to charities by you or your employees.

Begin Giving

Employees open their personal giving account, create Cauze posts and grants, and are inspired by the good being done around them.

Empower the Employee

Make Giving Personal

Each employee gets a personal giving account. It's kind of like having your own personal foundation in the palm of your hands.

Bring Employees Together

Employees follow each other and the company and can join together when inspired. Employees coming together to do good is a powerful engagement mechanism.

Recognition Gifts that Give

Give the gift of good to employees. You fund your employee's accounts and they can go out into the world and give to any charity of their choice. (literally, any 501c3)

Match Employee Giving

An employee gives and their donation is matched, instantly. No extra steps. No work for your accounting team. Just employees who feel empowered by their employer.

Employee Giving Made Simple.

You can turn on an employee giving solution in less than an hour and your employees will love you for it.

$3 per employee*

Become a Cauze-enabled employer today!

Fee-free Giving

A social giving profile for every employee with 100% of all grants going to charity.

Company Foundation

Maintenance-free setup and administration of your corporate giving foundation.

Track Corporate Good

Ongoing insight into workforce engagement and social interests.

*$3 per employee/month with $59/month min

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